How it Works

We draw member codes from our database every week and display them on our draw results pages from 12 noon Monday to 11.59 am the following Monday. When you see yours published just click it, and you will have claimed:-

  1. One of up to winning member shares of the week’s lottery line results - could be a cool million – won’t be less than £ in a bonus cash account credit.
  2. One or more of our, up to Referrer shares from the previous week, which means one or more of the members you referred won and you can claim the same amount. So, go to your account area and invite everyone you know to join.

PLUS – Even if you’re not one of the above 0, providing you check all our results pages once every week, you’ll win either a £5 bonus cash account credit every week or £ if we displayed your code and you clicked it.

We purchase a combined minimum of one thousand syndicate lines for the UK National Lottery, EuroMillions and US Powerball every single week. As our membership grows, we automatically add more winnings shares and play in more lines.

We even send an email to all members every Monday reminding them to check our draw pages of published codes.

Win Regularly - Win BIG

Winning on the lottery is all about increasing the odds in your favour. The only way to do that is play in more lines, which with the lucky lotto syndicate you can, for free.

We need our membership to grow. More members mean more lottery lines every week. To that end existing members can invite everyone they know to join and claim a unique reward when any of them wins.

Simply visit your account area on the site and copy one of our invitation tracking codes, then send an email invitation to everyone you know. As soon as any of the members you invited claims any amount on the lottery, you get to claim the same amount, however many times they win, and that could be a fortune.

To make that easy, we’ll publish your member code on our draw results pages whenever any of the members you invited claims, so don’t miss the opportunity, just click to claim.

What if 5 of the members you referred claimed validly and received £1,000 each in the same week – WOW that would be £5,000 for you to claim - and that could happen.

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