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What is the Luck Lotto Syndicate

We are a unique, private members lottery syndicate. Members pay just £20 a month to participate (less than £5 a week) and are guaranteed to win a minimum of £10 in bonus cash credits each week, just for checking our weekly results pages. Lottery winnings can be anything up to £1,000,000 from the minimum one thousand syndicate lines we play in every week. Our members don't need to pay to play in UK Lotto, Euromillions or the US Powerball.

For legal reasons, membership is only available where not prohibited by law and to visitors / members 18 years old and above.

How does the program work?

When a new member joins the syndicate, we automatically assign a member code and open a new account.

On Monday of every week at 12 noon our system draws 180 live, click to claim, member codes from our database and displays them on our draw results pages until the following Monday at 11.59 am.

We send a weekly reminder email to every member on Monday to check the displayed codes. Members that don't check are unable to participate, so PLEASE don't forget to check our draw pages, once every week.

Members that do check and click their displayed codes can win:-

  1. One of up to 60 winning member shares of the week's lottery line results - could be a cool million, won't be less than a £20 bonus cash account credit.
  2. One or more of, up to 60 Referrer shares for the previous week, which means one or more of the members you referred won and you can claim however much they received.

PLUS - Even if you're not one of the above 120, providing you check all our results pages every week, you'll win either £10 bonus cash every week or £20 bonus cash if we displayed your code and you clicked it.

Can I win regularly and BIG?

Winning on the lottery is all about increasing the odds in your favour. The only way to do that is play in more lines, which with the lucky lotto syndicate you can, for free.

We need our membership to grow. More members mean more lottery lines every week. To that end existing members can invite everyone they know to join and claim a unique reward when any of them wins.

Simply visit your account area on the site and copy one of our invitation tracking codes, then send an email invitation to everyone you know. As soon as any of the members you invited claims any amount on the lottery, you get to claim the same amount, however many times they win, and that could be a fortune.

To make that easy, we'll publish your member code on our draw results pages whenever any of the members you invited has claimed, so don't miss the opportunity, just click to claim.

What if 5 of the members you referred claimed validly and received £1,000 each in the same week - WOW, but that could happen.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

First, we will never ask for your bank details up front, we pay through PayPal, or in the case of substantial wins, by direct bank to bank electronic transfer when you cash out. Just imagine receiving a Million pounds win on the EuroMillions lottery.

There are two minimum winnings payment / withdrawal thresholds:-

  1. For lottery winnings and Referral Rewards credited to a member's account, not including bonus payments, the minimum withdrawal threshold is £25.
  2. For bonus cash credits. The minimum withdrawal threshold is £50 in lottery winnings for each £10 bonus cash payment claimed. Bonus cash can only be withdrawn as part of a lottery win.

There is no maximum winnings payment amount. Please submit any withdrawal request in writing through your account area. It will always be a pleasure to pay any member, any amount - the more the merrier.

How do you guard against fraud?

To protect the interests of all members, we may send an email request for "proof of person" to winning syndicate members. When this happens, the member concerned must email proof of person documents to us within 7 days of our written / emailed request. We will require a copy of the members driving license, passport, or if not available, we'll accept a utility bill less than 3 months old in the members name.

It is vital that the required proof is provided by email or any otherwise due winnings may be forfeit and the members account closed.

How do I retrieve my password?

If you forget your password simply go to the login page and click Forgot Password, you will be prompted to enter and submit your registered email address and our system will automatically reply with a link to change the password.

How do I change my account information, for example if I move home?

Login to your account and click Account Settings in the menu. If you change your email address, we will need to verify it by sending you an email to the new address with a clickable verification link.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, the site is protected by Secure Socket Layer technology.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have reason to make a complaint, please click on the Contact Us link and provide full details. We will respond by return with an answer or at least to confirm that we are working on your complaint. Please be assured that we value feedback from our members whether positive or negative.

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