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You could WIN £1,000,000+
  • £500 Winnings Guarantee! Play every week for 52 weeks using “pay as you go” at £5; a week, or “annual play” at £75; for 52 weeks play, saving £185.; If you haven’t won at least £500; in the year, you will automatically play free every week from then until you have won £500; and that’s 100% Guaranteed. Who else does that?!
  • Win Regular, Win Big! Unlike other syndicates, where there are say 50+ players in a syndicate of 10 to 20 lines, we play in a minimum of 1,000 lines every week and every player shares in any resulting winnings. So, our players have the opportunity of winning substantial amounts on a regular basis.
  • More Members, More Lotteries, More Lines! We increase the lotteries played every week and the number of lines played as our membership grows but our weekly gameplay charge remains the same.
  • PLUS – Invite everyone you know to join When they win – So Do You! Our Referrer bonus cash program is totally unique. Every time anyone you invite to join wins any lottery cash; you receive the same amount as they did. No claims required & no questions asked, they win £1,000, so do you.

Play in over 1,000 Lucky Lotto syndicate lines every week at a “pay as you go” weekly cost of just £5 or £75 for 52 weeks.

No Claims Required


Play for 52 weeks, you could win over one million pounds. You will win at least £500 or play free until you do.

No Claims Required


Increase your winnings, invite family & friends to play. Receive the same amount they get paid, every time they win.

No Claims Required


For just £5 a week or £75 for 52 weeks you can play in 1,000+ Lucky Lotto Syndicate lines every week for a year. We play EuroMillions, UK Lotto & US Powerball and you will either win at least £500 in the year or play free every week until you do win at least £500. As our syndicate grows, we automatically increase the lotteries we play in and the number of lines played, but play costs stay the same. We started with 500 lines a week and have already doubled to 1,000. BIG REALLY IS BEST!

Why EuroMillions, UK Lotto & US Power-ball…

There are literally hundreds of licensed lotteries offering thousands of game opportunities. These can be played through direct ticket purchase, insurance offers, and through syndicates, the choices are almost limitless.

We chose our lottery trio based on a combination of factors. These are popularity, overall participation costs versus odds, and potential returns.

We play in a minimum of 1,000 lines each week using repeating number combinations. Lottery draw results are published as they are made available to us. Player winnings are automatically deposited into their accounts, no claims are required.

The EuroMillions lottery

EuroMillions offers extraordinary prizes, including massive jackpots and guaranteed UK millionaires every week.

As of 1st February 2020, the EuroMillions Jackpot is not allowed to exceed €200 million. If the Jackpot for any EuroMillions Draw reaches this cap, the Jackpot will stay at this amount. Any prize money that would have increased the Jackpot above the level of the Jackpot cap will roll down to the next Prize category in that EuroMillions Draw where there is at least one winner. Once the Jackpot has reached the cap, it can roll four times before it must be won.

If the Jackpot is not won in that fourth EuroMillions Draw (which will be the fifth successive EuroMillions Draw at the Jackpot cap), the Jackpot Prize Fund will roll down to the next Prize category where there is at least one winner. After the capped Jackpot has been won or has rolled down in line with the above, the Jackpot cap will increase by €10million.

This process will repeat after each time a Jackpot cap is reached and is won or has rolled down until the maximum Jackpot cap of €250million (two hundred and fifty million Euros) has been reached. If the Jackpot is already at the previous cap level of €190million in the draw on 31st January, the €200million cap will only apply to draws after that capped Jackpot has been won or has rolled down in line with the above.

If that doesn’t qualify as a massive jackpot – what does?!

UK Lotto

Saturday nights changed forever when UK Lotto was introduced back in 1994. Since then, it’s become the nation’s favorite game – played by millions in towns and cities across the country. Today, it’s as popular as ever, with thousands winning prizes in every game. As far as lotteries go, Lotto is the real McCoy.

Base jackpots on Lotto are £3.8 million on a Saturday and climb from there.

The jackpot grows as it rolls, and Must-Be-Won draws are expected to be around £12 million on a Saturday.

As the jackpot rolls five times under the new format, the jackpot will be won more often.

If no one matches all 6 main numbers in a Must-Be-Won draw, the jackpot will no longer just go to a single prize tier as before (e.g. Match 5+Bonus).

Now, there are ’Rolldowns’ where the jackpot is shared out through all of the winning cash prize tiers (Match 5+Bonus, Match 5, Match 4 and even Match 3), boosting each individual prize amount.

The odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are much better than the other two, but the jackpot values are lower – they’re still in the millions though!!!!

US Powerball Lottery

Powerball is a multi-state lottery. It runs in all but six of the US states as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

It replaced the Lotto*America lottery in 1992, becoming the first lottery game to use two drums to draw winners. One drum is used for the white balls and one for the red “Power” ball, which gives the lottery its name.

It offers one jackpot, which increases every time that no winning jackpot ticket is sold, and a variety of smaller cash prizes.

Winners are drawn on Saturday nights at 10:12 PM Central Time. The drawings are conducted at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The winning numbers are published on the Lucky Lotto Syndicate website when available.

In order to win the jackpot, players must correctly match all five white balls as well as the red Powerball.

There’s no guarantee that a jackpot will be awarded in every drawing. If no one picks all six winning numbers, the jackpot rolls over to the next drawing.

As jackpot values soar, more and more people buy tickets, so a larger percentage of the possible number combinations are sold. Eventually, it becomes nearly impossible for a drawing to occur without a winner.

The Powerball Lottery’s jackpot starts at $40 million and grows by at least $10 million each time the jackpot is not awarded. The jackpot can, and often does, reach values of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even a small share of the Powerball jackpot could come to WOW!!!! Keep checking.

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