How We Work

Unlike other syndicates, who email members several times a week offering more and more opportunities to spend more and more money to be one of say 50+ players in a syndicate of 10 to 20 lines, we play in a minimum of 1,000 lines every week and every player shares in any resulting member winnings. We have one simple £5 weekly play charge, which guarantees players a weekly share of any member winnings, every week they play.

We also review the number of lines played, the lottery games played in and our weekly player charge, from time to time. These are increased as our membership grows, which simply means that our players have the opportunity of winning far more often, and the syndicate receives the income it requires to operate. Uniquely though, once a member joins and pays the then current play charge, that amount never changes, however much new members may be asked to pay.

We publish a full weekly list of all lottery lines and results as they become available. Any resulting winnings are automatically deposited in player accounts, no claims are ever required. So, whether your winners share is 50p or £1.50 this week, it could easily be £10,000 or £50,000 the week after, or even more – who knows, just read the true story below.

As we all know lottery games are all about playing in as many lines as possible at the best possible play cost. We play in a minimum of 1,000 syndicate lines every week and are therefore likely to win more often than a player buying a few lines. That said the lottery can produce the most amazing results, for instance the man who stopped to fill his car up with fuel in a local US garage and used his change to buy one Powerball ticket (just one!). His single ticket won him over $300 Million WOW – but it did happen?!

The lines we play every week are a mixture of individual tickets purchased directly from lotteries plus discounted syndicate tickets and discounted insurance-based lottery syndicate lines, all purchased by contract. That is how we manage to keep play charges for the syndicate down.

The Lucky Lotto Syndicate is free to join, we only charge for lottery game play. We pay winnings to players in accordance with the syndicate terms of membership.

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